The PCP network is made up of over 500+ members from across the country.

Le réseau des PPC compte plus de 500 membres de partout au pays.

The PCP network is made up of over 500+ members from across the country.

Le réseau des PPC compte plus de 500 membres de partout au pays.

In the PCP hub, members can connect with peers, ask questions, and stay up to date on the latest climate related events and resources available from around the country.

Au sein du réseau des PPC, les membres communiquent entre eux, posent des questions et se tiennent au courant des plus récents événements et ressources en matière de climat de toutes les régions du pays.

Read our Small and Rural Communities Climate Action Guidebook to learn about what municipalities are doing to fight climate change and improve the quality of life for Canadians.

Lisez notre guide d’action climatique pour les petites collectivités et collectivités rurales pour constater comment ces municipalités combattent les changements climatiques et améliorent du même coup la qualité de vie des Canadiens.

Download the instructions for achieving PCP Milestone 2.

Téléchargez les instructions pour la réalisation de l'étape 2 du programme des PPC.

The Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program, from ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI Canada) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, helps your municipality do its part. It consists of a five-step Milestone Framework that guides you as you take action against climate change by reducing emissions in your municipality. PCP receives funding from FCM's Green Municipal Fund and ICLEI Canada.

PCP membership is free and gives you access to tools, networking venues, events, case studies and other informational resources. Members also have access to a PCP Secretariat that offers coaching and technical assistance support.

Become a PCP member in three easy steps

  1. 1

    Download and print this joining resolution, and have your council adopt and sign it. It clarifies the responsibilities and requirements of membership. Please note that this is a template, which can be modified as needed.

  2. 2

    Appoint one staff member and one elected official to be your main PCP contacts. Let them know they’re responsible for this file.

  3. 3

    Email (or print and mail) your adopted council resolution, along with the staff member’s and elected official’s contact information to

    Mailing address:

    Attn: PCP program at FCM
    24 Clarence St.
    Ottawa, ON
    K1N 5P3

    When we receive your resolution, we will email you a membership confirmation and information to help you get started.

Quick facts about us

Municipalities Participating
municipalités participantes
Community and corporate reduction targets set
cibles de réduction municipales et communautaires établies à l’échelle locale
Local climate change action plans implemented
plans locaux de lutte contre les changements climatiques en cours d’exécution

Municipal governments influence or control half the sources of Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By taking action, there is an opportunity to save money in municipal operations, lower energy costs for residents and businesses, increase investment in the local economy, and improve community health and wellbeing.

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